Terms & Conditions

Hereinafter are the definitions:

The Site : www.golden-beach.co.il

The Company: Israel Arcadia Hotels, Deborah Tel Aviv Hotel, Golden Beach Hotel.
Services: Vacation Packages of Hotel Rooms, meals, spa , special offers and all other
relevant services and more.
User: Any person using or visiting The Site and agrees with all it’s content.

1. Overview –
1.1. www.arcadiahotels.co.il SITE provides information about the hotels in
the Arcadia Hotels chain, Eilat, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Tiberias.

1.2. Booking Services in one or more of the hotels of the ARCADIA HOTELS
chain by the Site shall be processed step by step, filling all necessary details.
By doing so, this process will be regarded as an intention of reserving and
ordering services in good faith, through the Site.

1.3. Any User visiting the Site, or intends to purchase Services of the company, hereby declares that he/she is aware of the Site Terms and Conditions and Site contents.
The User agrees that all terms set forth are acceptable by him/her and will have no claims or demands against the Site ( be it directly or indirectly ) and or the Company and/or operators and/or owners and/or managers thereof and/or anyone acting on their behalf.

1.4. The words in the Site use one gender for convenience only, and thus should include the others and words signifying the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.

2. Site’s term of use.
2.1. Any person may use the Site, under the following conditions:-
The user is at least 18 years old.
The user has an email address.
The user holds a legal credit card, one of the following:- VISA, DINERS, MASTERCHARGE, AMERICAN EXPRESS, ISRACRAD

2.2. Services provided in the Site are subject to filling certain forms.

2.3. Inter alia, the User grants his approval to these terms and conditions.

2.4. With respect to all communications you make with the Site regarding Israel Arcadia Hotels, including but not limited to feedback, questions, comments, suggestions and the like: (a) you shall have no right of confidentiality in your
communications and we shall have no obligation to protect your communications from disclosure; (b) we shall be free to reproduce, use, disclose and distribute your communications to others without limitation; and (c) we shall
be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how, content or techniques contained in your communications for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to the development, production and marketing of products and services that incorporate such information. The above is limited only by our commitment and obligations pertaining to your personal information having understood this, the User shall raise no demand and or claim against the Company in respect of these contents.

2.5 The Company shall not be held liable for any kind of damage caused as a result of failure and/or delay of any kind that is caused due to use of the Website and/or from attempted use thereof, including use for the purpose of ordering
the Services and/or information, and the User shall raise no demand and/or claim against the Company and the Website Operator and/or anyone acting on his behalf in connection with the above mentioned.

2.6. The Company declares that we make all efforts possible so that the information supplies is as accurate and correct as possible, beyond inter alia, the descriptions and informations are generally described however the information
does not provide a comprehensive account of all the matters described but it provides general information only

2.7. The information given in the Site is a general lay out of the Site’s properties.
It is understood and agreed upon that neither the Site owner and or managers, and or employees nor any other factor acting in behalf of the Site owner will be liable for any misunderstanding from the Users point of view and his inability to
use the Site and understand the Site’s conditions.

3. Users information – details

3.1. A User interested in reserving a room or rooms or any other service through the SITE should supply legitimate details as mentioned in registration forms.

3.2. Without detracting these General Terms and Conditions, a person using the Site’s services is required to have an email address in working order and should fill in all mandatory fields.

3.3. Without detracting from these terms the Site owner is entitled to prevent from the User using the Site, and will not confirm the request of booking if :-

3.3.1 If provided by the User false information

3.3.2 Illegal use of the Site by the User

3.3.3 If to the opinion of the Site owners the User might cause any harm to the Site or other guests of the Site.

3.3.4 If details of credit card provided would be false.

3.3.5 If credit card provided would be blocked for any reason at all.

4. Reserving a room or purchasing similar services from the Site.

4.1. To reserve such a service from the site, the User should fill all necessary details as required to fill in the form in the website. Such a form should be fully completed without any elimination parts of the form.

4.2. A reservation is complete only after receiving a confirmation of approval by mail from the Site, thus receiving a confirmation number.

4.3. It is upon the Users responsibility to verify that such an approval (CONFIRMATION NUMBER) is supplied by the Site to the User.
4.4. All rates shown in the Site include VAT, (except in Eilat, no VAT is collected). Tourists are exempted from paying VAT. Israelis are not exempted from VAT.

4.5. All rates shown in US $ DO NOT INCLUDE VAT, and are for Tourists only and not for Israeli Citizens.

4.6. If an Israeli Citizen prefers to book a Dollar rated room, than the official VAT should be added to the total rate.

5. Cancellation policy and Cancellation Fees and Non Show Fees.

5.1. “Cancellation Terms” –

5.1.1 48 Hours before arrival during regular days no charge will be effected. If cancelled less than 48 hours, one day’s full rate will be charged.

5.1.2 7 days prior arrival during Jewish and Christian Holydays no charge will be effected. If cancelled less than 7 days during Jewish and Christian Holydays one day’s full rate will be charged.

5.2. If User does not show up at all, the full stay will be charged.

6. Check in and check out and delayed check outs.
Check In: From 15:00
During July and August from 16:00
Check Out: Till 11:00
Delayed Check outs:- Guests can acquire more information regarding late check outs by sending an E-Mail to the Site or asking at the Reception desk upon arrival and before checking in to the room.
Depending on the day and time, late check-out will be permitted without any additional charge upon availability. On the other hand late checkout might be possible for an additional surcharge. These conditions are non-negotiable.

7. General Information.

7.1 The properties belonging to the Site are not responsible for any loss, theft of valuables that Users nay claim during their stay at one of the properties.

7.2 The properties belonging to the Site will not allow guests to use the Sites’ facilities below the age of 18 without being accompanied by an adult from the age of 21 and over.

7.3 For the purpose of good order the definition of guests are as follows:-
Babies – Infants: Till the age of 2 years. A certain charge is always applicable.
Child: From the age of two years till the age 12
Adult: From the age of 12

8. Photos and illustrations.
It is understood by the User when viewing the Site that all photos are for illustrative purposes only. Any in-similarity that may occur would not hold the Site liable for any miss-informations.

9. Smoking Policy
Smoking is totally prohibited in the entire hotel. This includes guest rooms, corridors, bars and lavatories. The no smoking policy also applies to guests visiting our conference and banqueting.

10. Disputes
If a dispute occurs between the User and the Site and its terms and condition, the dispute will be solely governed by the Laws of the State of Israel and will be competed only in the courts of Tel Aviv, Israel.

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